2019 Lincoln MKC Black Label has a new look and some fancy perks

by:Lanson     2020-03-13
Lincoln MKC returns to 2019 with facelift, new safety features and some exclusive benefits for those who are on top of the list-
Black Label version of the line.
In addition to premium leather, unique styling cable and cool color combinations (more later), Black Label buyers can enjoy free maintenance for four years or 50,000 miles.
Lincoln will even pick up the car for daily service.
Buyers can also wash their cars free of charge at any time and provide details once a year.
Concierge service-
Book a restaurant from the car-
One year\'s free travel service allows you to pass security checks faster at the airport and at the stadium.
Old split of MKC-
The wing grille has been replaced this year by a wide rectangular chrome mesh centered on Lincoln star.
The new MKC features redesigned LED headlights that are more consistent with the future look of all Lincoln.
Ironically, Lincoln\'s future plans may not include the MKC, which debuted in 2015.
Reports say there may be a replacement known as a pirate in 2020.
Continue to pay attention to that.
At the same time, MKC, as a luxury crossover car, is riding on a smooth and comfortable highway, moving forward admirably.
On the winding road, it will not be with Audi\'s Q5 and Jaguar\'s I-
Speed, but it is agile and well controlled in the corner.
The adaptive damping suspension found and relieved the defects of the road in Comfort mode.
The steering movement, the suspension is more rigid, making the ride more demanding.
It\'s better to stay in normal mode, especially since you have to browse the instrument menu options to get into the three driver modes.
Return is 2. 3-
4-liter turbo in straight train
285 horsepower 305 pound cylinder enginefeet of torque.
Running six miles at a speed of 60 miles per hour was quite impressive.
By the way, this is equivalent to 9 seconds of base 2. 0-
The rising turbine was found on the lower decoration. A 6-
Speed transmission sends power to all four wheels as needed-
The AWD on the black label is standard.
Few people would pull with MKC, but it was able to pull 3,000 pounds.
Fuel economy is in the middle of an 18-mile gallon city, with a combined figure of 20 for 25 highways.
Guests will be greeted by the \"welcome pad\" light in the evening, an elegant touch that helps avoid puddles or other surprises.
Inside, the MKC Black Label is full of high
High-end materials and high-endtech features.
The Black Label is treated as one of three design schemes: white leather and Argento wood, brown leather and Ziricote wood, or black leather with Alcantara seat plug-in.
The headline was finished in Alcantara.
Seat support and ventilation and 12-
Adjust the way with waist strength.
But the room for the head and legs is tight in the back, not a good place for adults traveling.
Double tilt
Part of the reason is the glass skylight.
Cargo space lags behind the enemy, but enough to meet the needs of most weekends: 25 cubic feet with rear seats facing up and 53 cubes folded up.
This is good for a few suitcases or groceries for a week. A hands-
Free lift doors make loading easier.
Lincoln\'s simple-to-
Use the Sync3 infotainment system.
The system is intuitive and responsive to input.
MKC also has Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, Bluetooth, navigation, Wi-
Fi hotspot and available 14-
Speaker THX advanced audio system.
The vertical stack button for gear selection is located next to the center stack.
While this is not usually a problem, the car is quite close to the windshield wiper rod.
Twice a day, the wiper was inadvertently overturned --
Front, back. Just sayin’.
The new feature of 2019 is the anti-collision function: in addition to adaptive cruise control, MKC also has forward direction
Collision warning for pedestrian detection and automatic emergency braking. And, an active-
The parking system can direct the MKC to parallel parking spaces through some input from the driver.
If you are looking for a comfortable journey and a high
The quality cabin, MKC did a good job.
If you need to take four adults with you or dream of a more energetic journey, maybe you\'ll want to wait and see what\'s going on --
People known as Corsair came to the driveway.
What\'s exciting about $57,480 (including tech package, $2,495) for MSRP?
Exclusive MKC includes membership privileges such as free maintenance, travel and catering perkspowertrain2. 3-
4-liter turbo
Standard of cylinder engine; all-wheel-drive standard; 6-
How about speed transmission performance? : 0-
60 miles per hour. 9 seconds; ultra-
How about fuel economy? EPA-
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