all-new or year-old cars: what\'s the better value?

by:Lanson     2020-03-11
All the new 2018 cars and SUVs are available, but that doesn\'t necessarily make 2017 better.
At this time of year, car dealers fill up radio, television, newspapers, and any other form of struggling local media as ads beg you to come in and buy a new car.
\"We have to clear 2017 and make room for 2018,\" they will say loudly enough to wake up people who are watching the Antenna TV show.
It actually works in some cases.
Kelly\'s Blue Book predicts that car sales will increase by 1% in September compared with September 2016.
However, the company also predicts that these sales will decline. 6% from August.
GM, Ford, Honda, Subaru and Volkswagen are expected to have a few months, but there will not necessarily be an influx of people to ease the pressure on old-car dealers.
In many cases, the car of the victim of the hurricane will be destroyed by Harvey or Iris, and eventually they get relief checks and another car.
\"September will be another opportunity for the first sales growth this year because we expect a slight growth in the industry,\" said Tim Fleming, an analyst at Kelly\'s Blue Book . \".
\"While major hurricanes have destroyed parts of Texas and Florida over the past month, this has driven demand for replacement for drivers who have been destroyed.
This demand has already started in some regions, but with the receipt of vehicle insurance expenditures, it will continue until October and November.
The Kelly Blue Book says these people are much more likely to buy a used car than a new one, but dealers can dream of it.
The same technology upgrade that has pushed car buyers to accept car rentals in recent years is more likely to drive people into dealers to check out the latest toys.
Car buyers are already starting to pick up vehicles as smartphones: why not treat their technology like they do with smartphones?
37 cars got it all.
Their 2018 models have adopted new treatments, but only 11 have been priced and ready to go public.
With the help of Kelly\'s Blue Book, we looked at 2018 of the 11 major repairs and saw how they compared to the same showroom or the same batch of 2017 models.
If dealers try to \"make room\" for the 2018 s, they may want to spend more energy getting the 2017 s parking brake out: Check out this $153,000 BMW.
More trends on the street: 2017 price: $43, 15502018 Price: $46,775 new 2018 features: front and rear parking sensors with rear-
Check out the camera, full LED headlights, blind spot alerts, low speed automatic emergency braking, slightly higher price for Apple CarPlay & Android AutoThe convertible and sedan but you can still get 2-liter, 252-Four horsepower
Cylinder engine, 10-
Voice-speaker sound system
7-control technology
Leather seats, 3-inch information and entertainment screen
Automatic climate control in the area, panoramic sunroof, heated seat, heating mirror and nozzle for heating washing machine.
You just let them have more security features.
Oh, used to seeing Apple CarPlay and Android Auto on this list: as the smartphone war has finally subsided, automakers are giving drivers what they want, instead of the bulky native interface that no one likes.
2017 price: $55,0502018 Price: $56,875 New 2018 features: front and rear parking sensor with rear
View the camera, full LED headlights, blind spot alerts, low speed automatic emergency braking, Apple CarPlay and Android AutoAs as always the S5 is a powerful-up A5 with a 3-liter, 354-
HP V6 engine, leather sports seat with massage function
Look at the brake calipers.
The Premium Plus suit adds an Audi virtual cockpit and head-
Up display with navigation and assist system information, Audi connect PRIME and Audi connect PLUS online service, handwritten touch screen
Identification technology, enhanced parking system with top
View the camera, and most importantly, Bang & Olufsen sound system with 3D sound, 19 speakers, 16-
Channel amplifier and 755 W.
Not subtle, but safer.
2017 price: $47,9002018 Price: $46,475 New 2018 features: front and rear parking sensor with rear
Check out the camera, full LED headlights, blind spot alerts, low speed automatic emergency braking, Apple CarPlay and Android AutoYep, the A5 in the cross form.
We won\'t mention the fact that automakers used to refer to this strategy as a station wagon, but if it sets everything they want for A5/S5, plus more than 60 cubic feet of rear seats, who should we argue about?
There are still impressive 26 cubic feet of goods available even without seats.
For working families with children in various activities, or just trying to ship a family from one place to another, a combination of cargo spaces, all of which
Wheel Drive and safety features are hard to achieve-
Even if it\'s just a blow-out A5.
2017 price: $36, 9952018 Price: $39,295 New 2018 features: HID headlights, cross traffic alerts, blind spot monitors, Apple CarPlay and Android AutoThe massive end up but, even with 310 less vehicles, the three cars can also move around. 6-
The V6 engine can travel no more than 20 miles per gallon.
That is to say, the purpose of people buying this car is never mileage.
They bought it for 98.
Total cargo space 2 cubic feet, 3-row seating, electric lift door, fog light, 3-row seating
Area automatic climate control, backup camera, USB charger on vehicle and 4g Wi-
Fi for the whole family.
This is a rolling apartment and it has to continue to offer this upgrade if it is to keep up with competitors like Honda Pilots.
Adding a lot of security features is certainly helpful.
2017 price: $28, 2222018 Price: $28,795 New 2018 function: turbo I4 engines, HID headlights, Apple CarPlay and Android AutoIt are built in the same functionality as Chevrolet so the weight drops and increases. The difference?
Some people just like the GMC logo, the honeycomb grille and the body shape.
They also like small upgrades like leather steering wheels.
Basically, if you like (or preferred)
The terrain you used to like now.
2017 price: $20,6852018 Price: $21,235 New 2018 features: PostView Camera, 17-
Inch alloy wheels, Apple CarPlay and Android AutoThe GT have been running since 2013, but when U. S.
Want to buy a euro car
Lift back (
This is based on the modern Euro i30)
They tend to go to Europe.
The problem is that the Europeans saw the Volkswagen Golf or GTI and considered the car. The average U. S.
Carbuyer saw the elante GT and saw a square hatch with a cross
25 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seat.
There is a sports version that works very hard not to be a school/commuter, but the basic version of this car is good at 2. 0-liter, 161-Four horsepower
Less power than 2017 engine cylinder engine.
A total of 55.
With a 1 cubic foot cargo room, a lot of legroom and a cabin that seems to be built around the touch screen, GT\'s tradition is \"big tour\", but a big family holiday in the future.
2017 price: $24, 3702018 Price: $24,510 new 2018 features: Apple CarPlay and Android AutoIt it\'s hard to believe that Subaru launched the last one of its vans
The shape of the past, but the former crosttrick Fifteen has gone a long way. Sure, the four-
The cylinder engine still seems a little undernourished at 170. horsepower.
Of course, Starlink\'s multimedia system and its four speakers still have many shortcomings.
But there are 55 cubic feet in total (
Only 20 seats though)
, Its mileage is located at the sum of a notable 29 miles/hour
Wheel Drive stays standard.
Even if it gives people a simpler interface to their smartphones and gives them more breathing space, Subaru does something --
A vehicle begging for them needs to be upgraded.
2017 price: $23,9952018 Price: $24,885 New 2018 features: LED headlights, Toyota security-P, 17-
For Toyota, it takes a lot of time for inch alloy wheelbase to disrupt the best-
Cars are sold in the United States, but time does not wait.
In fact, Camry still lacks ApplePlay and Android Auto, which is almost every car on this list (
Its main competitor, Honda Accord)already has.
It also began to look a bit utilitarian compared to other mid-sized cars that suddenly wanted to look extra in a quick and Furious movie.
There are two new Camry decorations.
Tone paint and double exhaust, but even the standard 2 of faithful LE. 5-liter four-
The cylinder engine increased from 178 hp to 203 hp.
While doing so, it actually raises the road mileage from 33 miles to 39 miles. An eight-
The speed automatic transmission makes driving smooth, but it is impressive by Toyota and close to self. driving Sense-
The P security system is a key addition here.
Use the camera and radar to detect other cars and pedestrians on the road, warn the driver to brake as needed, and automatically step on the brakes if there is no time to issue a warning
P is one of the most powerful security upgrades on this list.
2017 price: $47, 3452018 Price: $45,895 New 2018 features: LED headlights, smart security, 9 \"Sensus touch screen, panoramic platform, all of Apple car\'s existence revolves around safety.
With a larger touch screen, gorgeous lights, sunroof and smoother smartphone connections are all good, but they are only a fraction of the nine-year-old reforms.
Although the XC60 has not been exposed to the car for nearly a decade, it accounts for 30% of Volvo\'s total sales. The 316-
More like the luxurious interiors of the larger XC90 and Sensus systems, horsepower 6 is a nice upgrade, but the smart safe guarantees this deal.
It includes urban safety systems in order to avoid or ease lowto medium-
Speed collision, steering auxiliary steering away from collision, blind spot indication system (BLIS)
In order to automatically guide the vehicle back to the open lane to prevent erroneous lane changes that may result in collisions, Volvo\'s semi-automatic steering and driver-assisted advanced adaptive cruise control
Self-Driving Assist system responsible for good steering, acceleration and braking
The marked roads can be selected in the new x60.
By 2020, it had reached half of what Volvo wanted for driverless cars, but it was a big step toward safer roads and drivers.
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