Audi finally gets controls right — mostly — in luxurious 2019 A8L sedan

by:Lanson     2020-03-11
Think that is alive in the product
The planning department of German luxury brands, but for change, this is good news for drivers.
The Audi A8L sedan proves this, but it also shows that even if you think the German engineers have learned the lesson, they can be very stubborn.
For nearly two decades, Audi, BMW and Mercedes have followed each other in the rabbit hole of the counter-intuitive multi-function rotary controller, managing everything from radio presets to chassis settings.
Now, with the near
May be worth raising eyebrows in the United States. S.
The products of these three companies have recently demonstrated the advantages of touch screens.
Audi\'s elegant sedan 2019 A8L is the latest beneficiary with multiple
Maybe more than it needs. user-
Friendly touch screen.
There\'s a lot to love, including the brand new look of Audi\'s iconic Quattrowheel-
Drive, and highstyle interior.
2019 Audi A8L QuattroAll-wheel-drive, five-
Tested passenger luxury sedanPrice: $100,100 (
Excluding destination fees)
Rating: buy three of the four stars: Looks; comfort;
Disadvantages: acceleration; shifter;
Climate l is the first car to adopt the new design theme of Audi. It’s 1.
3 inch longer than the old model, 0.
1 inch wide 0. 6-
But the new design makes it look lower and surprisingly lively and sporty for a big car.
Features include a standard adaptive air suspension and an optional electro-mechanical suspension that scans the road and can lift or lower any wheel slightly in 0.
3 seconds of lifting control or riding.
When the side collision is about to occur, the active suspension can also lift the car 3.
1 inch in half a second to ensure that the oncoming vehicle hits the strongest part of the a8 chassis.
A new Turbo 3.
0L V6 produces 11% more torque and about 1% more power than supercharged 3. 0-
In the former A8L.
L represents a long wheelbase, but Audi does not sell ordinary-
American wheelbase models.
Regular A8 is 5.
1 inch centimeters below the A8L and Mercedes-Benz S450 4 Matic.
Cadillac CT6 and Porsche Panamera are smaller-
Both offers have a long time
Wheelbase model-
But anyone who wants a top sports car is worth a visit.
More powerful and expensive V8 models may be introduced, but there are no specific details yet. Engine: 3.
0 L turbocharged v6 power: 335 hp, 5,000-6,500 rpm; 369 pound-
Torque feet at 1,370 hours
4,500 rpmTransmission: 8-
Automatic speed acceleration: 5. 6 seconds 0-
Maximum speed of 60 miles per hour: 130 miles per hour Wheelbase: 123 kilometers.
Length 208.
Width: 76.
Height: 58.
Monthly inchesCurb weight: 4,715 podsprices 2019 A8L starts at $83,800, up to $1,300 in old mode.
Major competitors include BMW 740i xDrive and long-
Jaguar xjl awd wheelbase.
I tested a car with adaptive cruise control; Apple CarPlay; Android Auto;
Speech recognition;
22-heating, ventilation and massage
Front seat;
Seat after heating, seat after power; 11 air bags;
Driving Assistance function;
Double touch screen; and more.
The car I drove cost $100,100.
All prices do not include destination fees.
The price of the BMW l is compared to the price of the same BMW 740, Mercedes-Benz S450 and Jaguar XJL. (
Excluding destination fees)(
Automatic transmission, full-
Wheel drive model. )
Audi Quattro: $83, 800BMW 740i xDrive: $86,650 Cadillac CT6 3.
0L AWD: $65,195 Jaguar XJL Portfolio, awd lwb: $87,800 Mercedes S450 4 Matic: $94,250 Porsche Panamera 4 AWD: $89,600 Source:3-
Most features have inch touch screens installed on the dashboard.
It is large, clear and easy to use optional excellent 23-speaker, 1,920-
The Watt Bang & Olufsen audio system is excellent.
I \'ve never been close to the max volume, but I \'ve heard instruments and components that I \'ve never noticed before in music.
The quick response controls and quick steering make the A8L feel like a smaller, moving car.
The A8L is one of the largest models of its kind, but also-
An unusual Audi.
The heaviest 4,751 pounds
In combinationof-the-
Packaging power, huge containment weight leads to a leisurely 0-60 miles-per-hour time of 5. 6 seconds.
This is slower than the a8l\'s most direct competitors, BMW 740i xDrive and Mercedes S450 4 Matic.
The dial and buttons for climate control are replaced by a handsome double touch screen located below the central stack, right in front of the pad.
It looks great, but you have to look longer than with the dial and buttons.
Audi is pleased with the simple use of the touch screen, which may make the company too ambitious to use the touch screen.
The Shifters do not provide sufficient feedback for various gears.
When A8 is still neutral, I think repeatedly that I am the opposite.
When the vehicle is accidentally off the line, the non-communicating gear shifters have previously put the car manufacturer in trouble. (
Automatic transmission, full-
Wheel drive model. )
Audi Quattro: 19 miles/27/22 kilometers per gallon.
BMW 740i xDrive, Gasol Lin: 20/29/23.
First flight Cadillac CT6 3.
0L AWD: 18/26/21
Awd lwb: 17/25/20 regular gasolineJaguar XJL product portfolio.
PremiumMercedes S450 month Matic: 18/28/month.
Panamera 4 AWD: 2 {7/23.
Source: www. fueleconomy.
GovIf you can afford A8L, see.
The appearance, features and comfort of the large sedan make up for some of its minor shortcomings.
The A8L is the first of a new generation of big cars from Germany\'s top luxury brands, but even if new competitors arrive, its value, manipulation and functionality should be aging.
Standard equipment: anti-lock brake;
Stable control; 11 air bags;
Automatic front brake at low speed;
LED daytime running lights;
LED taillights and turn lights;
Button start; Apple CarPlay; Android Auto;
Front and rear parking sensors;
Side mirror of heating power supply; four-
Regional climate control;
Headlight gasket; power trunk; power sunroof;
Sun tone;
SiriusXM satellite broadcasting service for three months
Options: chrome trim; 22-
The way to heat and ventilate the front seat;
Heating the steering wheel; head-up display; 360-degree camera;
Headlines in Alcantara.
Black brake calipers;
Leather interior; low-Glossy wood decoration;
High Definition matrix LED headlights;
OLED taillights;
Adjustable Power, seat after heating;
Blind Spot Warning;
Assist in the departure of lanes; 20-inch, 20-spoke tires.
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