auto tech: ford f-150 lights the way with leds

by:Lanson     2020-03-20
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LED lighting has recently gained a higher profile.
With the shutdown of incandescent lamps for home lighting, other lamps such as halogen lamps, xenon lamps and LED bulbs will also be available as alternatives.
LED lighting is also common in the automotive industry and is used for parking, tail, brakes and running lights on many models.
One of the places where they haven\'t been greatly affected is the use of headlights, but this is changing.
Audi is one of the first companies to show LED headlights, and I can\'t think of any other car manufacturers that are not involved in LED research, but it is still in its infancy in the market.
This will change as Ford has announced the new 2015 Ford F-
The 150 pickup truck is the first truck and even the front runner of the luxury car.
Led is silicone
A semiconductor that converts electricity into light and converts it very effectively.
They are small, produce little heat, and are more durable than filamentstype bulbs.
Ford said that LED lights will have five times the life of traditional bulbs.
All of these features will make LED headlights one of the major lighting options for future automakers, so see them in highsales-
F-equal volume vehicle150 now.
For most of us, there is very little experience using LED bulbs and there may be several problems.
For example, do LEDs have wire filaments? No.
LEDs are a form of diodes and an electronic element that allows only one-way flow of current.
Electrons flowing from the anode to the LED cathode junction produce photons, which are visible light seen by humans.
One advantage of this is that light is produced in narrow bandwidth or spectrum.
Unlike incandescent lamps that produce ultraviolet rays, narrow-spectrum LEDs do not attract most insects.
Imagine a cleaner windshield, grille and front valve when driving the led at night.
Does LEDs generate heat? Very little.
There is no filament like an incandescent lamp, and there is no filament like high-
The intensity of generating heat discharge bulbs.
The minimum amount of heat generated (
You can hold it in your hand and barely notice the heat)
Therefore, this gives great flexibility in design and packaging.
The headlights may look a lot different in the future.
Will the LED look like a traditional bulb?
It can, but it also looks a lot different.
The traditional light bulb produces wide angle light, and the light \"spills\" to the side.
The focus angle of the Led is very narrow, and the light can be projected in the specified direction.
By combining many LEDs with specially designed lenses, you can project the light exactly where you want it.
Ford designer for F-
150 LED headlamps, equipped with special machines, engrave 16 precision optical surfaces and 80 faces on the lens surface to spread the light evenly and enlarge the light.
LEDs are very strong and can withstand severe vibration, shock, temperature changes and environmental challenges.
Because LEDs are encapsulated in lenses, they are not affected by salt and moisture.
Under normal circumstances, you can use it continuously for 100,000 hours from the LED light.
Ford wants durable headlamps, which can be longer and longer than the car.
F-long-tested durability
150, this is a real challenge, but LEDs are a great way to do it.
Jim Kerr is a mechanic, a lecturer in automotive technology, a freelance journalist and a member of the Canadian Association of automotive journalists. kerr. jim@sasktel.
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