Easy Guide to Install Flexible LED Strips Over Headlights

by:Lanson     2020-03-14
You need some 3 m double sided tape, 4 bugs, 4 Docking connectors, peeling/curling, flat head screwdriver, maybe an extra foot or about 22 specs as well
Speaker wire works fine)
2 12 V 24 cm flexible LED light strips (waterproof).
Use the flat head, remove the push clip in the Fender skirt and pull it back.
Then enter and remove the parking light (
Make sure you get the one with only two wires.
I then cut the black pipe covering the wires into a large size of about 1 \"with a razor to make it easier to reach them.
Now use the wire tap and 1 feet extra wire and plug the wire tap into the parking light wire.
Now, peel off the other end of the wire, turn on the parking light and connect the LED lights to test the correct polarity. (
If the first attempt doesn\'t work, it works just by reversing the polarity. )
Now that you have the correct polarity, please use the docking connector and connect the wires.
Pass the LED light strip through the engine compartment so you can install it with double sided tape.
You can now put your parking light bulb back in the light and replace the Fender skirt.
Now you need to apply double sided tape on the LED light strip.
Thin double sided tape of 3 m is perfect for width.
** I made a mistake by putting the double sided tape on it and one of my LED wires went to the grill instead of the parking light, parking lights in the engine compartment and 3 M tape are a pain to remove.
Now you can remove the backing from the 3 m tape and apply it to the headlights the way you want it.
I use my LEDs to go along the etching line on the headlights as it flows very well with the hood.
Wires tie any excess wires under the hood and repeat them on the other side.
Sorry, all the photos were taken later.
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