Get 2 LED bulbs for Rs 10 each, save electricity

by:Lanson     2020-03-15
New Delhi: On Monday, the prime minister called for a campaign called Prakash Path to launch a national energy conservation campaign.
Narendra Modi said that, first of all, Delhiites will receive two LED subsidies (
More expensive than CFL bulbs, but longer duration and lower energy consumption.
Modi called for a \"people\'s movement\" in this regard, saying that energy saving is much easier than a generation, and as a symbolic gesture, he replaced a light bulb in his office with an LED light bulb.
Replacing all light bulbs in South Street with LEDs will obviously save 7,000 units per month.
Delhi will be the first city to implement an efficient domestic lighting program, which is expected to be launched in March 1.
Each registered power consumer will receive two LED bulbs of Rs 10 (
Their actual costs range from Rs 350 to Rs 600).
Their electricity bill will increase by Rs 10 over the next 12 months.
Prime Minister Modi and Moss (
Independent charging)
During the launch of the National LED street light and LED home lighting program in New Delhi on Monday, Delhi Najeeb Jung\'s power and coal Piyush Goyal and LG.
While Delhi will be the first country to pass the plan, LED-
Home and street lighting is designed for the whole country.
Project for installing LED bulbs for home and street-
Lighting in hundreds of cities is scheduled to be completed by March 2016.
Industry experts say Delhi can save up to 0. 25 billion units (mu)
If each registered consumer in Delhi replaces two incandescent lamps in the home with an led, it accounts for 1% of the total power consumption.
At the inauguration ceremony, Modi handed over two LED bulbs to the first registered Delhi resident.
Electricity demand in Delhi has increased by 8%
10% per year, the peak demand this summer is expected to be 6,200-6,400 MW.
In contrast, there was no significant increase in power generation.
On the contrary, power generation from new power plants has fallen sharply due to a shortage of natural gas.
A Discom official said that for subsidized LED bulbs, consumers can pay the amount in advance or choose a plan to pay in installments.
Energy Conservation Services Co. , Ltd. is purchasing LED bulbs in large quantities, a joint venture of several public sector enterprises such as NTPC, PFC, REC and Powergrid to facilitate the implementation of energy conservation projects.
In order to participate in the program, consumers must advance
Register at the program website eslindia. org/Delhi-
Or go to discom\'s customer service center and fill out a form.
The Delhi Electric Power Regulatory Commission approved the plan (DERC)last week.
Discoms does not assume any responsibility for the program and the benefit will be extended to approximately 35 lakh consumers.
\"All consumers in the national capital are mapped by their respective discom, so implementation here will be relatively simple,\" an official said . \".
Praveer Sinha, CEO of Tata electric Delhi, said the average savings per consumer is about 30-
40 units, if led is chosen by every consumer, the expected savings across Delhi are up to 230-
0. 25 billion units (mu).
The annual household savings for each LED bulb in Delhi are expected to be around Rs 162.
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