how the audi sport quattro laserlight concept works

by:Lanson     2020-03-06
When most people talk about the combination of \"light\" with a laser, they don\'t talk about the weight of it.
The headlights of Laserlight are breakthrough.
The headlights are made from a combination of Matrix LED and laser technology to cast enough light to allow the driver to see the darkness of the five football fields.
To understand how revolutionary this is, you need to know what LEDs and lasers are.
LEDs are LEDs.
They are essentially small bulbs, but they take a long time to burn out and not get hot, but slide directly into the circuit.
Their flexibility makes LEDs ideal for electronics, which is why they are in the ultra-
TV and other household appliances.
LEDs have been used in car headlights for a while, but the reason why the LEDs in the sports quattro laserlight concept are so revolutionary is that they illuminate themselves according to the road ahead.
Using the matrix LED system, the computer system in the car \"reads\" The road ahead and lights up certain LEDs in the headlights where the driver needs to see.
Therefore, the Audi Matrix LED system allows the driver to see the sunken and corner areas where the traditional headlights [will remain dark]source: KBB].
The laser shines through radiation.
In fact, the laser represents \"stimulated emission light amplification of radiation \"(
Now you can share an interesting fact at your next dinner party).
In addition, the laser is very concentrated.
Lighting up the bulb is like pouring a bucket of water: the light moves in all directions along the path of least resistance.
In contrast, the laser is more like shooting water from the hose.
The light is only in the direction you point to it.
Combine the Matrix LEDs and lasers into the car headlights to make the headlights adaptive, bright and focused.
They are also very efficient.
The laser in the Laserlight headlights does not take up any extra space.
They are smaller than typical LEDs;
Each is only a few microns wide.
With laser, the brightness of the front light of the laserlight is three times that of the LED front light.
The laser headlights also don\'t run out of the battery of the moving quattro laserlight, as Audi says they use less power than the LED system.
The laser headlights in sports quattro laserlight are not just exhibitions of electronics.
This technology will be used in Audi R-18 e-
Quattro model racing car.
So while we\'re a bit far from cars with laser beams, this will allow you to travel through traffic, at least, the laser LED matrix headlights on the Audi Sport quattro laserlight concept will let you see how long that traffic line is ahead.
It seems a bit odd for a car maker to hang a hat on the headlight design, but it has been working for Audi.
The car company was the first to use LED headlights on sexy cats
The shape of the eyes is the same in most of its lineup.
While the laser conceptual headlights look a bit overdone, being able to see the dangers early on in driving is the reason for our safety, and what makes laserlight\'s headlights so revolutionary.
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