How to Dispose of Halogen Light Bulbs

by:Lanson     2020-03-13
The halogen lamp lasts longer and burns brighter.
These bulbs are alternatives to traditional bulbs and are more effective options.
But what exactly is the halogen lamp and how do you handle it properly to make sure there is no hazardous waste leaking out?
Is there a specific treatment method for unused halogen lamps?
Halogen lamp bulbs use tungsten wire, just like incandescent lamps.
The difference between halogen lamps and ordinary incandescent lamps is that halogen lamps contain halogen gas, and ordinary bulbs do not contain halogen lamps.
When the halogen gas is heated, it will be combined with the steam in tungsten and re-deposited on the filament of the bulb for re-use and recycling itself.
Due to this energy recovery process, the life of halogen lamp bulbs will be 2 to 3 times longer than that of conventional bulbs.
To handle the halogen bulb, it needs to be removed from the fixture first.
Make sure the bulb cools before touching it with your hands.
Gently pull the bulb and remove it.
In some cases, you may need to twist it a little in order to release it.
Be sure to gently handle the halogen lamp so it doesn\'t drop or break.
Once you get the bulb out, you can take care of it.
Put the old bulb in the original package or in the package of the new bulb.
You can also wrap the bulb with a newspaper or magazine page to prevent it from being broken when you throw it away.
Halogen lamps are not recyclable and can be thrown away with your regular garbage collection.
Unused halogen lamps are the same size as old bulbs
Just make sure the bulb is packed and disposed of with normal garbage.
There is no federal or state law on how to deal with halogen lamps.
In contrast, if you use a compact fluorescent bulb or a CFLs, you have to recycle the bulb.
These bulbs contain mercury and should not enter the incinerator.
CFLs are considered dangerous and should be treated like this.
They shouldn\'t throw it away with your trash.
If you do use CFLs, you should consult the local waste management company on how to handle your bulb.
In addition, some retail stores have taken back the items you can hand in the used CFLs.
If there is no such option where you live, you should put the CFLs in a plastic bag and make sure it is sealed before throwing the bag into the trash can.
If your waste management company does burn all the garbage, you may have to find another place to properly handle your bulb.
Halogen lamps are a good alternative to conventional bulbs and CFL bulbs.
Halogen lamps burn brighter and last longer.
They are also not considered dangerous and are easier to handle than CFL bulbs.
Image source: Anton Fomkin halogen bulb in Flickr?
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