How to Install Golf Cart Batteries

by:Lanson     2020-03-14
How to install golf cart battery:
It\'s not complicated to replace the golf cart battery.
Most trolleys are designed for easy installation and replacement
Just follow the manufacturer\'s instructions.
Keep in mind, though, that replacing the golf cart battery is not complicated.
Most trolleys are designed for easy installation and replacement
Just follow the manufacturer\'s instructions.
Remember, though, to take care of the battery.
What you need including distilled water baking, cleaning, acid
Step 1: Open the battery box, usually in front.
Most golf carts consist of six batteries.
On each battery, disconnect the negative cable and then disconnect the positive cable.
Step 2: remove the battery bracket and pull out the battery one by one.
Step 3: Clean the battery cables and clips using a solution of baking soda and water.
Replace any worn or broken cables.
Clean and dry battery cases.
Step 4: install the new battery in the same position as the old one.
Keep the battery away from the cable.
Step 5: On the first battery, reconnect the positive cable to the positive terminal and reconnect the negative cable to the negative terminal.
Apply a thin layer of Vaseline or battery terminal defense to the terminalcorrosion gel.
To install all new batteries, repeat this process.
Check the date codes for the new batteries to make sure they are indeed new.
Before using the battery for the first time, fully charge the battery.
New batteries need to be recycled (
Row to 50% and charge again)
Several times before reaching full load.
If the battery of the cart is connected in series, in parallel or in series/in parallel, your replacement battery should have the same size, life and level of use as the supporting battery.
Most carts are similar, but they are not constructed exactly the same.
Always refer to the instructions that come with the cart.
The solution of water and baking soda will overflow with acid. Wear acid-
Wear glasses and gloves while handling batteries.
Remove all jewelry. Work in a well-Ventilation area.
Don\'t smoke nearby.
If a group of batteries has 50 or more cycles, do not replace one with a new battery.
Either replace them with new batteries or insert a good old one.
Do not use a solvent or spray cleaner.
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