How to Install the LED Angel Eyes in Your BMW Correctly?

by:Lanson     2020-03-17
Many BMW owners face difficulties installing the bmw led Angel eye Mark bulb.
While some struggle with wiring, others are confused about the lighting disaster.
Most people only find the problem after the installation process is complete, and then they don\'t know how to fix it.
In most cases, the customer complains about the fixture failure when lighting the outer ring.
While many people think this is a malfunction of the lighting equipment, it is actually a defect in the installation process that caused this problem.
If the angel eye is installed correctly in the vehicle, then the outer ring will be illuminated correctly and there will be no difficulty.
When you look closely at any of the headlights in the BMW Series ,(
For example, the E92 3 series, here)
One can clearly see that two different fiber optic cables appear in the front light panel.
The two cables are actually responsible for transmitting light from the front light to the outer ring.
During the installation of the Angel eye fixture, one of the most important steps that most people usually ignore is \"aiming \".
When you install these LED bulbs in the car, you must be very careful and careful.
A slight change may result in a later lighting change after the installation process is completed.
You need to make sure that the two light transmitters of the LED bulb are placed in the position of facing the Angel Eye tube opening directly.
This will ensure that the outer ring has the amount of light needed for adequate lighting.
There is no second choice for this one!
You need to make sure that the light transmitter is placed in the right position, otherwise the outer ring will not be provided with the right power, so it will not light up at all and it will not light up only slightly in some cases.
Even after a lot of attention and extra caution, you may end up making this mistake;
But don\'t worry, because you can still correct this arrangement by pulling the LED bulb out of the Assembly, turning it 120 degrees and reinstalling it
Insert it into the component.
By doing so, you can make sure that the LED transmitters are arranged in the right direction and provide you with the amount of lighting you need for your BMW Angel eye.
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