Install IJDMTOY BMW 3 Series LED Turn Signal

by:Lanson     2020-03-17
The BMW F30 3 Series is a very classic iconic car.
To make your new BMW 3 series stand out, some people like to upgrade their rear turn lights for better visibility and increased security.
This bmw led rear turn light bulb is also suitable for the BMW F32 4 series, but for this installation, the BMW 3 series can also perform the following steps well.
Open the trunk of the BMW F30 3 Series, locate the rear tail light, and look for two bolts that are fixed in place.
Use a wrench to remove the two bolts that hold the rear tail light in place.
Use the provided green pry to gently pry out the lamp tail light and pull it out to remove it.
Flip the tail light housing to reveal the lid that holds the OEM turn light bulb.
From the side, you can see the stock steering signal light from the side of the tail light.
Gently remove the tail lamp cover, reveal the light bulb of the turn lamp in stock, and gently remove the OEM turn lamp bulb.
Directly install the new BMW F30 3 series LED steering light.
This is how your new iJDMTOY BMW 3 Series LED rear turn lights look in the case.
Put back the tail lamp housing, tighten the two bolts and fix the rear tail lamp housing to the BMW 3 Series.
Test to make sure your new BMW F30 3 Series LED flash is on and enjoy your new BMW F30 3 Series LED flash.
This is a very simple installation to make your Bimmer look brighter and more eye-catching.
As you can see, new BMW 3 Series LED rear turn lights can be installed without modification, and now you can enjoy the new LED rear turn lights right away.
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