Laser high beams!

by:Lanson     2020-03-20
Audi took advantage of Le Mans 24 Hours again this year to further expand its advantages in the field of lighting and vision.
New R18 e-
The Audi tron quattro racing car chose the combination of LED and laser.
\"Audi is a trendsetter in lighting technology,\" said Dr. Ulrich harkenberg, a member of Audi\'s technology development management committee.
\"A8 recently launched a matrix LED headlight --
The most advanced lighting technology for producing cars.
We will provide more models.
Our latest development is laser.
Sharper, stronger and more efficient.
We are equipped with it for the new Le Mans racing car and will be the first car manufacturer to introduce laser in production cars.
\"In the 24-hour and other parts of Le Mans endurance race in the dark, the best lighting of the track plays a vital role.
\"We have always attached great importance to making our drivers feel safe and comfortable in the cockpit of Audi racing,\" said Chris Lake, head of Audi sports LMP.
\"Good night vision is an important factor.
Matrix beam LED headlights have provided a major advantage for our drivers in Le Mans
Plus the laser, it will increase further.
This new technology has great potential for the future.
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