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by:Lanson     2020-03-14
In the next six months, all city street lights will be replaced by LED lights.
On the basis of the experiment, the two wards are working on the installation of LED lights on existing poles.
The work was carried out by an agency recommended by the state government.
LED lights will reduce the electricity bill for KMC.
Company personnel at the Standing Committee meeting requested that the installation of LED lights in two wards had not been completed;
They say they need to prove that the electricity bill does decrease before the experiment is replicated in other wards.
The company at the meeting asked the LED to be bright enough and more than 21,000 LED bulbs would be installed.
An official attending the meeting said, \"the installation of LED bulbs in two wards will be completed by May 15.
The rest of the 79 wards will start working after that.
In the next six months, LED bulbs will be available on all 81 District street poles.
\"The company staff raised the issue of insufficient doctors in clinics and physiotherapy centers operated by KMC.
KMC will recruit 15 new doctors and seek approval from the state government to start hiring, health officials said.
The government seeks details of the existing strength of doctors, and if it finds that demand is real and affordable economically, the government may approve the launch of the recruitment process by KMC.
The company also requires the gap between the concrete and tar parts of the road developed under the Kolhapur integrated road development project (KIRDP)
Because these have caused problems for commuters and increased the risk of accidents.
Officials from the city engineer department say work to bridge the gap will begin soon.
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