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by:Lanson     2020-03-14
PATNA: Patna Municipal Corporation (PMC)
The June 15 deadline for installing energy has been set
Efficient LED street lights in at least five districts of the city.
Energy Efficiency Services Limited (EESL)
On Tuesday, the company worked in the city to install LED street lights, which has already started in five wards.
Our goal is to install 500 LED street lights in five wards by June 15 or 16.
In addition, the installation of LED lights throughout the city is likely to be completed by December
Patina mayor Sita Sahu told the newspaper on Tuesday.
Satyendra Kumar, PMC Executive engineer in charge of the street lamp installation project, said, \"Ward 5, 40 and 50 have marked the installation of 52 and 64 LED lights by June 15.
Once these wards are covered, the work of the other 70 wards will begin on June 22.
He said 75,000 LED street lights will be needed throughout the city.
\"We have an inventory of 1 lakh lamp,\" he said . \".
Rakesh Pratap, regional manager of EESL, said the company would install 100 LED lights in each ward.
These areas are dominated by ethnic minority communities.
He said that Ward 5 covers the colonial area of Pataliputra, the Sadipur area on the 40 th, the Gandhi area on the 50 th, the gaigat on the 52 th, and the PA on the 64 th.
\"We completed the survey earlier in June 5, but the work was delayed due to the unavailability of some important required materials,\" he said . \" He added, \"LED lights, after replacing the old traditional street lights, will save about 50% of the electricity.
In addition, the led has a longer life and easier maintenance.
EESL is purchasing LED lights through global tenders.
For the first seven years after installation, EESL will pay the electricity bill.
We also undertake to be responsible for the maintenance of these lights during these seven years.
Later, the bill will be paid by the National Distribution Corporation.
\"Anupam took office in PMC: on 2004, Anupam Kumar Suman, an IRS official, was appointed as commissioner of the Patna Municipal Commission (PMC)on Tuesday.
\"I have to focus on civic issues and work efficiently like my predecessor did.
I will do my best to meet the expectations of all PMC employees, \"said Anupam.
PMC officials say goodbye to Keshav Ranjan Prasad, the outgoing municipal commissioner.
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