Led Taillights

by:Lanson     2020-06-02
LED taillights come to the next few years, the developing car headlights, with LED taillights automatic universal market penetration in 2011 will be around 15% this year, a significant increase to 28%, Asia will be the biggest growth subjects. ITRI in Industrial Economics and Knowledge Center Deputy Director Lin Zhixun digital technologies in the area that the current coverage in important area is separated into two main directions of domestic and foreign, while claims structure, including the chassis and the sunlight source lamp group, but with Advanced Light Source development system, the growing complexity of product structure fires. With a global recession, the global auto market will drop soon, based on the I-Supply of data in the global automotive market by 2011 about 73 million, Asia (the mainland Chinese markets) will continue to a target economic growth. Cost factors for energy-saving technologies of foreseeable future development of auto-focusing. As the actual marketplace matured lights, modern lighting system of sources was crucial. 2007 Total Market Size 14.2 billion lights to grow in 2011 to Ough.S. $ 15 billion is expected to scale. What, LED lamps on current market 6.9 billion, but the strategies Unlimited is expected that by 2011 the international market LED bulbs will grow to at least one.2 billion U.S. dollars, and Leds 8% market penetration perspective, the annual compound rate of growth in the total amount of 13%? Mainly as a result of low-energy LED lights, mercury, adjustable light, high CRI, long life, high reliability advantages short response and also billet grilles, small size, light weight, and presented a light source, not only will improve driving safety, but and better use of car spaces and the roll-out of vehicles advantages in comparison to its safety and design, guarantee that LED lamp applications at length. Among them, especially the trunk applications and market penetration, the greatest growth. Considering the fact that with the opposite Volkswagen Passat and Honda Accord national annual sales of one million cars in LED technology, coupled the particular energy feel about amending the led taillights have incredibly high-in hybrid cars on space exploration, and application white light initiated a policy of to reverse lights, LED tail lights in use will grow rapidly. Strategies Unlimited expected, LED taillights in 2008 about 15% market penetration, but in 2011, market penetration will grow by 28%. Other applications, according to Strategies Unlimited research demonstrates that the usage of this LED light source in the auto to 60% market share, market penetration in the stoplight, difficulties in the european instruments ; Instruments for applications such as market penetration of light reaches 90% of Global LED third brake lights, and about 50% market penetration. As a light vehicle and brake light application of penetration was high, and relatively slow growth is predicted to stick with.
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