Led Undercar Lights - 7 Different Colors Providing

by:Lanson     2020-06-02
Open the entranceway to the possibilities of automotive lighting technology. The 7-Color LED undercar lights (LED underbody kit) with Wireless Universal remote introduces a different sleek design to the underbody of the car. The kit features 2 pieces 36 inches (90cm) 54-LED waterproof LED strips; 2 pieces 24 inches(60cm) 36-LED waterproof LED strips; 1 piece LED undercar light control module; and 1 piece 3-way wireless remote controlled. The lights are an universal fit therefore the installation is really a quick easy process. The underbody LED light strips feature 7 different colors: Red, Green, Blue, Yellow, Magenta, Cyan, and White. A push of a button on their own wireless remote will customize light's dyes. Each distinguishable color will suit any car enthusiasts' taste. Drivers will extended feel bored of their car's appearance with the versatility to change their car's atmosphere with a push on the screen. The wireless remote can also control the LED light strips' flashing pattern. These lights include 23 distinctive flashing patterns. Now drivers can enjoy their preferred color and flashing pattern as in reality. The flashing patterns of the LED undercar lights will emit a distinctive aura that will enhance each side any driver's car especially at night time time. The possibility of 7 different colors and 23 flashing patterns offer drivers complete control on their style. The last function part of the wireless remote is requirements activation program. This function will sync the flashing patterns of your LED undercar lights towards music played in your automobile. The lights can flash in sync with the beats to the favorite your favourite music. The sound active function will give you ultimate driving experience to normalcy drivers and car experts. The 7-Color undercar lights are composed of series of LED (Light Emitting Diodes) in a strip. LED bulbs are far brighter and energy conservative as compared to the leading stock bulbs. The intense illumination provides superior lighting and motion. The bright effect leaves a great overall impression to the car and factor. Advanced automotive lighting has become a very fast adopted trend in car and truck accessories today. The 7-Color LED undercar lighting is another step to the way forward for automotive computers.
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