New Audi headlights to use laser technology as well as LED

by:Lanson     2020-03-18
Innovation . . .
Audi insists that laser headlights will not blind oncoming car drivers.
Source: Dr. supply EDAs may put it in the Austin Power spy series :\"boo-frickety-hoo"
For the humble headlights, it has illuminated the road for the car for more than 100 years.
German automakers Audi and BMW are fast
Tracking laser technology allows drivers to double the distance they see at night.
The traditional high beam spreads light on a 250 m road, but the light from the new laser technology can reach 500 m, and the accuracy is very high.
The system is 10,000 times more powerful than the laser indicator used in commercial presentations.
But automakers insist that laser headlights will not blind oncoming car drivers.
Carsten Gut said that the laser went through the phosphorus filter and produced a white beam that was safe for the human eye, and Audi\'s lighting specialist at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.
\"Our main goal is not to dazzle any driver, laser technology is much more accurate,\" Mr Gut said . \".
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The light emitted by the new laser technology can reach 500.
To prove this, Audi will use a laser on Lehmans racing car this year --
And introduced the technology of the new concept car, experiment 700-
Hybrid motion horsepower V8
The company said the Coupe could be built within three years.
But rival BMW is likely to make its debut later this year in an exhibition hall using laser headlight technology, despite the super hybriddollar petrol-electric i8.
Laser technology is the next step in LED headlights, LED headlights just listed on TopHigh-end luxury cars.
The latest LED headlights will be able to empty the road ahead so they don\'t dazzle the approaching drivers.
There\'s still a long way to go from oil.
In the late 1800 s, fuel headlights began to be used shortly after the car was born.
In 1912, today\'s electric headlights first appeared on Cadillac, and in the past 100, the technology of automotive lighting has not changed much.
Xenon and LED technologies have emerged in the past decade.
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