New laws could force car headlights to be dimmed as they’re ‘too bright’ and are blinding drivers

by:Lanson     2020-03-14
Due to concerns that the new beam is \"too bright\", the law of the car headlights may change.
Worried that drivers will be dazzled, the United Nations is reviewing the provisions of the headlights.
A rac study found that 15 per cent of Britons almost crashed because they were blinded by the beam.
This is especially bad for old drivers who struggle in the evening under the glare.
New car installed hi-
Technology LED and xenon lamps producing \"daylight\"
Like \"light\" instead of the yellow halogen on the old model.
While it improves the visibility of drivers, other drivers are still dazzled
Even if there is no full beam of light.
RAC found that 65 Britons were often blinded by lights for five seconds --
Drive at 60 miles per hour on country roads and you can drive 134metres.
This is longer than the length of the football field.
Some drivers reported that the effect lasted even 10 seconds.
About 300 is enough.
The prosperity of SUVs is also a problem.
Riding Lights directly to the windshield and rear-view mirrors.
All cars sold for road use in the UK must be fitted with headlights that meet the standards set by the EU under the United Nations World vehicle regulation coordination forum (WP. 29).
United Nations Working Group on lighting and lighting-Signalling (GRE)
, Prepare regulatory advice on active safety, especially on vehicle lighting and lighting
In response to public concerns, signal companies are currently working on headlight glare.
Any changes may be revealed later this year.
RAC road safety spokesman Pete Williams said: \"The strength and brightness of some new car headlights obviously bring difficulties to other road users.
\"In recent years, the headlights technology has made considerable progress, but although this may be better for drivers of specific vehicles, it presents an unwanted effect, anyone driving to them or even trying to park at the intersection will face new road safety risks.
\"Although the regulations stipulate that all types of downswing headlights must be between the maximum brightness and the minimum brightness at night --
The time driving experience of drivers of all ages is very different. many people say that some modern cars are too bright.
\"We look forward to the progress of the United Nations Working Group on vehicle lighting in April.
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