osram plans to invest up to rm4.9bil in new plant

by:Lanson     2020-03-10
Osram plans to expand the new rm1.
Kulim Hi\'s 82 bil LED chip manufacturing plantTech Park (KHTP)
The other two phases involve investment costs of up to 1 billion euros (RM4. 9bil).
Olaf Berlien, chief executive of Osram Licht AG, said the new plant would require 1,500 employees.
\"We spent 370mil (RM1. 82bil)
The first phase.
In his speech, he said: \"Osram can expand the plant in two other stages, with a total investment cost of up to 1 billion euros, including expanding the LED assembly capacity of Osram global factory alliance.
Berlien spoke at the official opening of the khtp led factory of Datuk Seri Mustapa Mohamed, Minister of International Trade and Industry.
OLDO camper, chief executive officer of Osram optoelectronic semiconductor business unit, Datuk Azman Mahmud, Malaysian Investment Development Authority, and Ku Abdul Rahman Ku, executive member of the state of Kedah ·
Berlien said the plan is to produce LED chips in Kulim for high-end applications such as automotive lighting and video projection in the medium term.
Berlien said thanks to the new facilities of the Green Building
Site location, in addition to the latest technology, there is no need to compromise the design of the factory.
And four-
Inch technology, six-production system
According to Berlien, inch wafers produce 125% LED chips per wafer in one cycle.
\"Given the recent huge growth rate of 19% for our LED business, we are pleased to have new production capabilities.
\"Our investment in Kulim also proves the transformation of technology and our transformation to high technology.
Technology company.
\"At the beginning of the decade, traditional lighting still accounted for 80% of Osram\'s business. “Today, two-
\"The third product we sell is based on optical semiconductors,\" he added . \".
Osram is currently investing globally to expand six existing sites in its LED production network.
\"Osram is expanding the Regensburg plant, which currently has about 2,500 employees, and will employ up to 1,000 employees.
\"High quality led chips and laser diodes, for example, in high
\"High quality automotive headlights will be manufactured there, and infrared diodes will also be used for sensors that can be used in applications such as mobile phone face recognition or Smart Assist Systems vehicles,\" he said . \".
It is estimated that the global LED general lighting market will reach 6 bill in 2018, of which about 6% will be used for street lighting.
\"The market is expected to grow at an average annual rate of 7% by 2020.
\"The overall market for photoelectric components-
Including general lightingwill be �17.
5 bil in 2018, \"Berlien said.
At the same time, Kamper said that the huge production capacity of the new plant may be transformed by LED lights in New York, Rio, Hong Kong and Berlin within a week.
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