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by:Lanson     2020-03-09
Philips has an image of high quality and reliability in the marketplace and HID conversion suite business.
It left its mark on the lovers of Love and The Perfectionists. . .
Philips has an image of high quality and reliability in the marketplace and HID conversion suite business.
It leaves its mark on extreme enthusiasts and perfectionists who love HID and want to upgrade their bike and car lighting.
These kits contain real Philips bulbs and ballasts made in Germany and have the best quality reputation.
All the parts of Philips are manufactured and produced directly by Philips, and the production of these products is without the participation of the external parties.
European company dedicated to creating HID quality standard suite.
Philips guarantees these kits are below 0.
The injury of 05 is better than the industry quality standard.
These new kits are designed to provide a high level of water, impact and heat resistance than ever before.
All kits come with a 2 year performance and warranty covering all components of the kit.
Leading production technology enables Philips Automotive lighting to achieve optimal product quality at very high volume and low ppm rates required by major automakers.
Philips has an innovative track record and the ability to meet the speed and quality levels required by HID kits, making Philips the first choice for all major automakers.
Upgrading your headlights from inventory to HID Xenon will make a big difference in visibility at night.
Project more light and expand your road coverage.
You will see more, see more, and be more visible to other drivers.
The sooner you see the dangers on the road, the more time you have to take action.
Philips xenon usage-of-the-
Art lighting technology brings you Brilliant xenon HID lights, blue/white lights that originally appeared on luxury and high performance cars and are now available in cars, trucks and SUVs
HID lights provide twice as much light as traditional halogen lamps to ensure driving safety.
Philips is a world leader and innovator in the design, development and production of Xenon HID lighting.
The xenon bulb contains an air tube indicated by a high pressure near 23,000 volts.
Compared to halogen lamps that work under 12 v and use old technology, halogen lamps are heated to emitlight by heating wire wires.
Many halogen lamps sold on the market will claim that they are xenon-charged, but this is a marketing plan.
In fact, the so-called \"xenonbulbs\" sold on the market are actually halogen lamps with higher wattage of blue glass.
Scientific tests have proved that the production of these bulbs will be reduced and more risky than the factory bulbs provided by the factory.
The life of these fake xenon bulbs is also 1/2 times the normal life of the OEM halogen lamp bulbs, allowing you to change the bulbs every few months.
The main difference between Philips xenon is in the bulb.
The Hid lamp operates at 5400 k and 6000 k and consists of a gas mixture that emits a very water-blue hue, and the other HID lamp operates at 4300 k, and the emita lights are white.
The kit for BMW and Lexusthis is the same lighting and color. This color gives you the highest value of flow.
The system is exactly the same as that of the European Lerman racing car.
This system goes beyond any other automotive lighting system on the market today.
Nothing even matches the light color.
This is much more blue than any BMW, Mercedes or popular luxury car on the market.
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