RX 450h a green option for families

by:Lanson     2020-03-16
Today, with interest in cars buying \"green\", it offers more options than any other car brand in terms of gasoline --
Electric hybrid luxury car type.
There are five Lexus lineups, from all-
The new CT 200 h compact hatchback, followed by the HS 250 h medium sedan, the RX 450 h medium crossover forklift, the GS 450 h sport sedan and the LS 600 h large sedan.
RX 450 h is probably the best option for families, as it offers the utility of the SUV, including seats that can accommodate up to five people and plenty of cargo space, but the fuel economy of small cars.
The 2011 RX 450 h, redesigned just a year ago (base price $43,235 plus $875 shipping) is a hybrid version of the popular Lexus RX cross-utility vehicle range. Gasoline-
Only two versions start at $37,975wheel-drive model. The four-wheel-
Drive the RX 450 h list for $44,825 compared to $39,375 for 4WDwheel-
The driver version of the RX 350 gasoline model.
RX was originally launched as a 1999 model but soon became the best-
Sales of Lexus vehicles;
It also holds the top position-
Luxury SUV sales
The current version is the third generation of gasoline-
Only the model, this is the beginning.
The first hybrid version originally known as RX 400 h was released at a price of 2005.
Based on the chassis of Camry, RX has a cousin in Toyota\'s lineup, Highlander.
There is also a Highland man who starts at the front end of $2011 (plus $37,290 freight) at a price of 810wheel-
Driving Mode for four cars and $42,945wheel drive.
Both introduce the concept of cross-function cars to their brand, although they have the same base, but the appearance is different.
Inside, there is a big difference: Highlander is in 7-
Passenger version, by adding two-person, third-row seat.
RX has only two rows and five rows.
Both RX and Highlander offer car-like rides and handling, as well as in-house comfort, with higher motor utility, giving them the basic attributes of crossover.
The second-generation RX came out as RX 330 in 2004, renamed because of its larger number 3. 3-liter V-6;
For 2007, the name is changed again to RX 350 with the introduction of 3. 5-liter V-6.
As with the original RX 400 h, the latest RX Hybrid version combines V-
6 gasoline engine, there is an electric motor before and afterwheel-
Drive and V-
Month and electric motor only front enddrive model. Gasoline-
Only the hybrid and hybrid models have most of the exterior and interior components, but there are some differences in the hybrid models, including the unique grille, as well as the hybrid badge Blue
Trimmed Lexus logo, special front bumper, unique optional 19-
Blue inch wheels
Headlights and taillights with color, as well as optional LED headlights.
The RX 350 comes with 3. 5-liter V-
6 engine, rated power of 275 horsepower. A six-
Speed automatic transmission with gasoline version and EPA fuel-
Economic Estimates at the front
The driving mode is an 18-mile/25-mile highway.
But with the hybrid, the ratings are much better: The Highway 32 miles/28 miles ahead
Full drive model and 30/28-wheel drive.
The RX hybrid model comes with a different 3. 5-liter V-
6 engine, using so-
Called Atkinson cycle technology
Its total gasoline.
295 electric horsepower, an increase of 27 over the previous generation.
The gasoline engine in the hybrid itself is rated at 245 hp, up from 208 hp in 2009 RX 400 h.
But the attraction of hybrid models lies not only in fuel economy, but also in power.
It provides the equivalent of V-
Mileage level 8 power better than some four cars
Cylinder engine.
Improvements to the latest models of hybrid drive systems include exhaust
Heat recovery system to reduce engine temperature
The fuel economy of the vehicle is improved, and the exhaust emissions are reduced.
Also new is the cooling exhaust
Gas recycling systems that help increase mileage, although only a small help. The all-wheel-
The drive hybrid model we tested got the power of the rear wheel from the second motor installed at the rear.
The motor in front helps drive the front wheel but is also used to start the engine.
Both hybrid versions come with a continuously variable automatic transmission.
A smooth journey and comfortable seats are a key part of the RX package to keep everyone happy on long trips.
But the energy of gasoline-
The electric drive combination is good, especially when you really need it in certain uphill or through situations. Our all-wheel-
Driving features come in handy for road trips including some serious snow driving.
There is even an optional driving mode called \"mixed snow.
\"While we don\'t need to deal with any ice, RX does a great job on loose powder and Hard Powder --packed snow.
Double for all RX models
The rear suspension of the cross arm can provide more cargo space and easier loading.
Other features include hard
Disk drive navigation system with new \"Remote Touch\" controller and \"casual language\" voice recognition;
Adaptive headlights; a back-
Up camera attached to the navigation system or as a stand-
Separate items with a screen built into the rearview mirror.
However, the navigation system does not now have a touch screen, which seems to be a step back.
The touch screen of the previous model was replaced by a computer mouse-
A stylish manual controller built in the front of the center console between the driver and the front passenger.
However, using a touch screen is more difficult than using a touch screen, and it will make the driver more focused on the priority: driving the vehicle safely.
Although it\'s not like I-
The drive systems of many BMW models combine audio, navigation, and climate-
The control function, the Lexus system needs some habits and leads to a question, \"What are they thinking \". However, the radio has simple volume and tuning knobs, items that disappear on the audio systems of other car manufacturers, usually-
The new electronic controls are confusing.
There are cup holders between the front seats, but they are not as available as they should have been.
A major disappointment is the lack of enough
Even convenient-
Power outlets for our electronic products.
No 12-
Volt socket on dashboard;
The only two we found were buried deep in the center console between the driver and the front passenger, and it was hard to get there.
The car is shaped around the bottom of the side window and door.
The standard is 18-inch aluminum-alloy wheels; 19-
Inch wheels are optional and included on our tester as part of the $4,800 deluxe package.
The package also includes leather interiors, moon roof, power retractable exterior mirrors, mud snow tires, wood and leather steering wheels, and side movement
A view monitor, power rear hatch, and adapter for connecting an iPod or other music player to an audio system. The wide-angle side-
The View monitor is on the passenger side and its view comes from the camera installed on the external mirror.
This was designed to help the driver enter the parking space.
Other options on our tester include a navigation package ($2,465) which will alsoup camera;
A comfortable package ($825) added rain
Induction wiper with heating and ventilation front seat;
Adaptive LED headlights with automatic high beam and washers ($1,825 ).
The headlights are designed to turn slightly in the direction of the vehicle turning.
We also had an audio upgrade ($110) with 12 speakers and 6 speakers
Disc changer on the dashboard and back shipping net ($59 ).
Including shipping and options, the total amount of stickers on our vehicle is $55,784.
Standard safety features include electronic stability control, traction control, anti-lock brakes, hill-
Seat assist control-
Front airbag mounted on the side
Curtain airbag for driver and front row-
Passenger knee airbag and front headrest.
Also provided a pre-
Collision System with adaptive cruise control ($1,500), which uses radar to predict frontal collisions, then activates the brake assist to take back the seat belts of the driver and front passenger in preparation for an upcoming collision
The navigation system combined with the rear DVD entertainment center costs $4,980 and includes an LCD screen behind two front headrests.
Advanced, medium, front-or all-wheel-drive, four-door, five-passenger, V-6/electric-
Electric hybrid.
Redesigned for 2010, this luxury hybrid SUV offers a variety of heights
Technical features, good fuel economy, large power, low exhaust emissions. No third-
Seating is provided;
Prices rose significantly through navigation and other additional services. 187. 8 inches. 4,520-4,652 pounds. 3. 5-liter V-6;
One or two electric motors.
Automatic continuous variables.
295 horsepower (gasoline and electricity ).
Anti-lock disc/disc.
40 cubic feet (in the back seat ); 80.
3 cubic feet (rear seat folding ). 3,500 pounds.
32 mpg city/28 highway (Front-wheel drive);
30 city/28 road (all-wheel-drive). 17.
2 gallons/unleaded gasoline is generally acceptable, but advanced gasoline is recommended.
Chevrolet Taihao/Yukon hybrid.
$43,235 in freight, plus $875 (pre-shipment ); $44,825 (all-wheel drive).
$55,784 including shipping and options (all-wheel-drive). 9.
4 of the possible 10.
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