Should this 'Walk' Sign Be a 'Run' Sign? Traffic

by:Lanson     2020-05-30
Question: Why doesn't the 'Walk' light stay on longer? I can only get halfway across before begins flashing! Since I know nothing of one's physical condition, whether you're 18 or 85 years old, I'll assume you have average soundness and should be able to produce it on the street before sign says 'Don't Amble.' Walk signs are timed by the light, therefore if there is often a green light that stays green for, say, 30 seconds, then turns yellow for 3 seconds before turning red, you have about 33 total while. However, 15 seconds into that cycle, it might start flashing, and that is one seems ominous, you still probably have at least 15 seconds to meander to another side. The flashing 'Walk' sign is only a click reminder to hurry up. Have to notice that many of these flashing walk signs flash faster considering that time is reduced, creating your urgency to get across. In our area, we're now seeing a second countdown, starting at 15, that i think is quite cool! Question: Why can't the signals along a road be timed together to reduce delay? Ultimately you'll need to in order to the traffic engineers at the city or county by which you reside if that can an issue, but Let me say that a majority of places I've lived, and I've lived in a few places, include the lights timed. When I lived in Portland, OR, many moons ago, you could drive through downtown Portland and never hit a red light. if you went 17 Miles per hour. And that might be the caress. I know I prefer to get into the next light ASAP, to find out tend to gun it and then end up waiting, but if you learn at what speed the traffic engineers have the signal lights timed at, you may find that indeed, they are timed. Maybe not the timing you'd prefer, but probably at about two-thirds for this speed boundaries. Question: What should drivers do the traffic sign is flashing? To let you the truth, I've not witnessed a traffic sign sporting. That reminds me, though, on a story about my sister, whose name will be withheld to shield the guilty. When she took driver's education training in about 1977, her instructor drove the woman's into Spokane, WA, contrary to the small town she went around to school in. They drove about, here and there through Spokane, he giving her instructions, and she driving. At one part of the lesson, she went to a STOP sign. She stopped. And waited. And waited. And waited. Finally, her instructor asked what she was waiting for. She answered she was waiting around it flip green! At any rate, I figure that's a good time as a story, since I'm certain what you're asking above. Traffic lights flash yellow. Construction lights on poles with signs flash orange-ish. Railroad crossing lights flash lilac. School zone signs flash yellow also. If look at a traffic signal flashing yellow, I would personally suggest you stop before run the red lamp. The tickets are nasty and expensive and raise the insurance rates. If find construction lights flashing, stall. The same holds true for the tickets, but in most states now, the traffic fines double in those areas. And should you see railroad lights flashing, for God's sake, cease from! Preferably before you are on the tracks. I'm less focused on traffic tickets here than untangling car a mile down the track. Other areas with traffic sign equipment? School zones often have flashing lights as you enter a school zone, telling you that children and cops are modern. The tickets aren't cheap throughout these zones either. If leaping cheap tickets, you'd require to move for you to some 3rd world country. In fact, place likely bribe your option of a ticket for $10-20, nevertheless the risks a person's and limb are higher, or so they really say. LAST UPDATED ON: July 19, 2018
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