Single-Chip LED Driver of BD8381EFV-M

by:Lanson     2020-05-30
Recently, the semiconductor giant ROHM has release its first single-chip LED driver-------BD8381EFV-M which watch out for a big splash on LED latest market. According to marketplace report, experts forecast how the led companies are now continuing to the large boost the coming years. The part was developed specifically for automotive headlamp and DRL use and incorporates such features like a built-in PWM function for replacements with DRLs, which are becoming more common on vehicles sold in Europe along with the United States. The single-chip design includes comprehensive range of functionality in order to serve the LED driver circuit, within turn previous designs has contained a general-purpose LED driver LSI series of discrete segments. ROHM began shipping samples within the new product in April (sample pricing: JPY400/part) and plans to begin out mass production with an initial monthly volume of 50,000 parts in July 2011. Supplier plans to split production inside pre-process handled by ROHM Wako Denver., Ltd., (Okayama Prefecture) and a post-process handled by ROHM Integrated Systems (Thailand) Corp., Ltd., (Thailand). Automakers are gradually switching to LED lighting for automotive headlamps, and LED-based headlamps are expected to eventually account for much of the market due towards higher efficiency and longer service life promised by the technology. Increasingly, manufacturers are equipping their vehicles with LED-driven DRLs to ensure an optimal level of safety and visibility, and LED headlamps and DRLs are widely expected to stay a fixture of automotive equipment wishes. At the current time, utilization of LED headlamps is in order to certain portions of the market such for the luxury segment, and automakers and headlamp manufacturers have bought general-purpose LED driver LSIs or designs based on discrete components, necessitating castro of another driver circuit when equipping the vehicle with DRLs. ROHM launched an early effort in order to produce a dedicated LSI to be used with LED headlamps contingent on its forecast of foreseeable future adoption for this technology, in order to the systems have been forthcoming an LSI incorporating all the functionality necessary to serve regarding LED driver that would be used with headlamps. The BD8381EFV-M provides PWM light modulation without a microcontroller with many a built-in oscillator circuit for use with DRLs, which are starting to access widespread use particularly in Europe and the United States, where automakers are pioneering their use. The part in addition has an associated with protective functionality to detect headlamp faults such as LED short and open states to higher meet auto market's need for a great deal of dependability. This design feature dramatically improves reliability by getting the regarding components on part to be reduced to be able to solutions incorporating discrete components or general-purpose LED driver LSIs. An explicit maximum voltage of 50 V allows the product sufficient dielectric strength to withstand battery voltage fluctuations. ROHM, this can help a wide range of LED driver products for utilize in mobile phones, thin-panel displays, and other devices, has earned praise from customers in the LED driver LSI market thanks to features for low power consumption and reliability. The development of the BD8381EFV-M was made possible with exhaustive array of capabilities ROHM brings to your table, including extensive expertise in LED driver circuit technology and a commitment to delivering high amount of quality and reliability, for example by constructing a dedicated production line for your automotive offer. Going forward, this company plans to assist strengthen its portfolio of LED driver LSI products for automobile shop electrical component market, that expected to continue to experience dynamic success. DRL Daytime running lights; DRLs make vehicles more visible to pedestrians in regions with regard to example North America and Europe, where fog is a known occurrence, by turning close to the headlamps during daytime extended time. A constant current is supplied to the LEDs through the day, nevertheless the current is subject to PWM control at evening hours. Key benefits that BD8381EFV-M offers: Input voltage range 5.0 - 30 V Integrated buck-boost current-mode DC/DC controller Built-in CR timer for PWM brightness PWM linear brightness Built-in protection functions (UVLO, OVP, TSD, OCP, SCP) LED error status detection function (OPEN/ SHORT) HTSSOP-B28 package This is from
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