Some Mechanism of Supervision from the Bus Should be Good

by:Lanson     2020-05-30
Not solve the problem, there will not be containment wouldn't waste the bus, as well as the key to how supervision, how the duty. Gongjusiyong often-criticized, put a time of day may be all regarding excuses about the issue of monitoring, but locations on weekends and holidays on public transit management is nearly non-existent technical issues, but simply a question of thinking process. Many departments of the bus, on weekends and holidays can be completely sealed. Of course, curb Gongjusiyong fundamental really should try to accelerate fresh of reform of the bus, also as increase penalties on Gongchesiyong. In addition. In addition to Guangzhou, tend to be many places on the bus installed GPS system, the trip is Gongjusiyong 'high-risk', in order to also the timing of all of these systems display their benefits. Local conditions have, it may be common practice, following a holidays, discover the 'Gongjusiyong publicity, to punish those responsible. April 9, 'International Finance News reporter learned from China's auto electronics industry center - Foshan, Guangdong, Foshan has decided to build motor vehicle electronics industry base, and automotive electronics development in the local' 12 'Planning areas. It is reported that in 2015, Foshan motor vehicles and parts industry, 240 billion yuan in industrial scale. Insiders pointed out that its automotive electronics cluster effect has emerged, 'China's automotive electronics' outline is also increasingly distinct. The data show that in 2009 the country's automotive electronics market more than 210 billion yuan, a small increase of nearly 50%; 2010 sales of 260 billion yuan, an increase of nearly 10%. The leader of China's auto electronics industry is a good helper electronic an affiliate charge told reporters, '2012 is a particular helper target is likely to grow not less than 30%.' After 13 connected with development, Foshan automotive electronics business has three major countries R & D center, six wholly-owned subsidiary, and in Hungary, China, Hong Kong and the Mainland cities built branches, annual output value of nearly 30 billion In all kinds of lighting applications, LED adoption in the continued strong momentum. This consistent momentum means that the LED driver IC, analog IC vendors have a decent business force. In the past year, high-brightness (HB) LEDs reach some from the key performance standards, which led to substantial rise in the LED driver IC needs, variety of IC is necessary in all end-market applications for the LED power source. Demand for LED driver IC happens to be in its infancy, with study a number of will resulted in requirements enter into contributing key to accelerated growth phase, we found that the LED will obviously get a mainstream lighting source. Some of the main driving factors are: automotive lighting, large flat-panel high-definition (HD) LCD televisions, handheld devices, LED light output, the cost factor in the LED, and LED replace incandescent potential uses. Audi could be the first LED headlights of this car manufacturers in a variety of models, began in 2008. Audi automotive lighting system will be two plays a big part of and may provide a beam headlights, the system consists of two LED arrays, each LED array contains four active components. 3 LED array (each containing two LEDIC) located behind the optical lens, their task is management the light / dark boundary as well as the lighting range. Beam headlights 4 LED array is positioned near the sunshine array surrounding. Near the lower edge of the lighting system, a row of 24 LED daytime running lights (DRL). However, individuals daytime running lights Audi appearance most recent and exciting.
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