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by:Lanson     2020-03-06
DEHRADUN: drive your car
A strong headlights may put you in trouble at the Regional Transport Office, which is launching a campaign against this practice to curb the occurrence of night accidents.
An RTO official said residents have been complaining to check the use of unnecessary high
Strong Xenon headlights have recently been very popular among young people as they make it difficult for others to drive and cause accidents.
Talk to RP Rathore TOI, assistant regional transport officer (ARTO)(enforcement)
He said, \"we have been taking action to prevent unnecessary drivers from driving high-beam lights because it can lead to night accidents.
However, in the days to come, our efforts to address this threat will increase.
High installation-
Light up the intensity lights on their vehicles by replacing the company
The installed lights are not spared.
\"According to Article 177 of the motor vehicle law, the use of high
The beam can be challenged and fined anywhere between Rs 300 and Rs 600.
It is worth noting that RTO has released only 44 challenges, requiring high beam lights to be driven in draytown by the end of this year to August.
So far, neither the Ministry of Transport nor the police have taken strict measures against the threat.
Rathore added that in addition to checking the driver\'s use of high-beam lights, officials will also check the cargo transport vehicles during night inspections.
Residents of the city welcomed the move, saying it would ensure the safety of cyclists and cyclists, otherwise they would be at 4-
The wheels are driven by high beam headlights.
Cycling College student Shubham Rawat said, \"Sometimes it is impossible to drive on city roads at night because both have
Four wheelers-
Wheeler drivers use high beam headlights.
The lights will eventually bring passengers in the opposite direction, forcing them to slow down or brake suddenly.
I personally ride a bike on the low beam at night.
Lawyer Gaurav Sharma, responding to Rawat\'s point of view, said, \"the powerful high beam always puts the driver close in the opposite direction, at least for the time being.
I myself am also a victim of the use of high beam lights when driving at night, and the authorities must take strict action against drivers who make mistakes.
However, accessories dealers are worried that their sales will be hit.
An auto parts dealer, who asked for anonymity, said, \"most young people come to us to install high-intensity xenon lamps.
Sometimes we even get lights from Delhi according to special needs.
Of course, our business will be hit if the authorities start to act on such headlights.
Just two days ago, RTO announced a suspension of a driver\'s licence for at least three months for those who drive drunk or do not wear their seat belts.
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