Vinyl record gems, best LED bulbs and more: Tech Q&A

by:Lanson     2020-03-16
I heard that vinyl records are selling crazy on eBay.
I have an LP collection.
Which album made a lot of money? A: Eight-
Tracks and tapes you will still see a lot of CDs floating around one day.
But wine is timeless.
Real collectors will stack their walls with records and their turntables will be set to rotate permanently.
Fans are looking for them on eBay.
These people are not just looking for LP;
With so many records of Simon and Garfinkel\'s circulation, they will never exceed a few dollars.
Some titles are worth a lot of money.
If you happen to find them in an old box, you may be sitting on a humble gold mine.
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Best LED bulb: What is the best LED bulb?
There are all kinds of sale.
I\'m confused.
Please give me some \"light \"?
A: LED bulbs are brighter and more efficient than incandescent lamps, but their brand and design are completely a mystery for most buyers.
When companies are busy peddling their specific types of bulbs, it is convenient to know exactly which types of bulbs are worth it, especially when their cost is much higher than their predecessors
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I bought a new laptop.
What security procedures should I have so that hackers and cheats don\'t get my private message?
People used to worry only about the virus \".
\"Malware has become so diverse and complex that ordinary security systems can barely keep up with the latest virus strains.
The most terrible thing is the security software for online advertising, which can be downloaded, which is a disguised malware.
If you are not familiar with trusted brands, the temptation to download any old software can be very strong.
In fact, not all security systems are equal, so it is better to find the most trustworthy name.
There should be three security programs for each computer, please click here.
Earn extra money online q: When I look at my kids in the summer, I want to make some extra money online. Any ideas?
A: Before you enter the virtual market, keep in mind that working online is still working and you need to invest your time and effort.
Most people make money through products or services, so you may need to deliver something in the car or create something worth selling.
Some teach or host workshops, others clean up the garage and list anything of value at the auction site.
No matter what you do, there will be many attempts and mistakes.
If you think you have the right thing to thrive in the digital economy, then a lot of apps and websites can help you make money.
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2017q: it\'s summer vacation.
There are too many apps to choose from.
What travel apps do you think are best on your phone?
A: One of my favorite apps is designed to help you speed up your passage through the USS. customs;
As most international travelers know, the United States is one of the strictest and most challenging borders in the world, and an app can prove your identity and skip all boundaries.
So it\'s admirable to put your phone in your luggage, but there are many critical moments where the right software can fundamentally improve your experience.
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