Will bring showroom to customer\'s doorstep in next growth phase, says Audi India

by:Lanson     2020-03-07
Joe King, head of Audi India, told Shrimi Choudhary that the company is confident in the basic strength of its brand and hopes to maintain its target growth in India this fiscal year.
As of March 2015, Audi, the German carmaker, had kept numero uno, and the company had slipped to second place after a public dispute over the emission code.
However, the auto giant has made ambitious plans to replace Mercedes-Benz, which has now climbed to number one.
Joe King, president of Audi India, said the company is confident in the basic strength of its brand and hopes to maintain its target growth in India this fiscal year.
Audi India is the first luxury-
Automakers achieve a double feat of leading sales in successive calendar years and fiscal years.
For the last brand to enter the market, this is a huge achievement.
This is a feat of entering India before Audi.
Audi is still strong in the Indian market.
If you look at last year, we lead the market, although we only have one major release compared to many new products launched by our competitors.
This reflects the fundamental strength of our brand.
This is a marathon, not a sprint.
While maintaining profitable growth, we are consolidating our strengths.
For us, growth is not just short-lived --
The term goal is to introduce the right products, Wan and after-sales service that our customers want
Sales Services, profitable dealer partners and strong customer connections.
If you do all this well, you will continue to grow.
2015 is an exciting year for Audi.
We plan to launch 10 products in 2015 with the aim of launching a new product in each area --the A-range, the Q-
Range and range of performance cars.
We started this year on our strongest and fastest path.
Limited edition Audi R8 LMX in India.
We also launched a new generation of design icons-
Audi TT coupe, the new Audi RS 7 Coupe, India\'s first and only compact luxury SUV-the new Audi Q3 quattro (all-wheel drive).
Subsequently, India launched the first super sports car with Avant-garde shape-Audi RS 6 Avant, Audi A6 matrix through the industry\'s first \"video press release \", and the first and only sportback in India-Audi S5 Sportback.
We have also introduced the new Audi A3 40 TFSI Premium version and the new Audi A6 35 TFSI.
We also constantly evaluate and update our products to meet the needs of our customers.
We don\'t think we can buy every car in the global plan.
From the customer\'s point of view, of course, from the business point of view, we introduce the most meaningful car.
We will launch a lot.
Looking forward to the new Audi Q7 soon.
In JD Power\'s recently completed 2015 India luxury segment sales satisfaction study, Audi has the highest sales satisfaction among Indian luxury brands.
Leadership is not only about sales, but also about quality service, customer interaction and strong brand influence.
Our strategy is right for the Indian market and our strategy is on track.
We will continue to follow this strategy.
This includes-)
Right product mix, we provide the best mobility through the latest products related to India; B)
Extensive dealer and after-sales service
Sales service network, we have invested with our partners in our own field.
Audi has become a luxury choice for the younger generation.
In the form of Audi mobile terminal, take another step forward (AMT)
Bring the showroom directly to the door of the customer.
This is the starting point for the next phase of growth, and we are now the future. ready; C)Well-
Training staff for customer service, we have invested a lot of money in training.
Our distributor\'s customer-facing employees are globally certified by Audi AG; And D)
We are constantly committed to enriching the customer experience and increasing customer loyalty, and constantly advancing the Customer Connection program.
On social media, we have very strong interactions with our fans and strong followers on Facebook and Twitter.
We interact directly through the driving experience to create unique driving experience projects such as Audi Q drive, Audi R-
Driving, Audi women\'s driving, Audi Multi-ticity experience, Audi ice driving experience, Audi sports car experience, etc.
Audi R8 is the flagship of our performance car series in India.
The R8 is an iconic car that naturally finds affinity among Indian car enthusiasts.
The car has been a huge success and we have sold more than three in India.
Audi continues to enjoy market leadership in India\'s luxury SUV sector with Audi Q7, Audi Q5 and new Audi q3.
The Audi A Series, Audi A3, Audi A4, Audi A6 and Audi A8 L, have A strong following among luxury enthusiasts who like comfortable and luxurious driving.
Audi A8 L is the peak of luxury, but also many of our unique Super Eye
HNI customers not only appreciate the luxury and comfort of the car, but also appreciate the technology offered by the car.
Audi A3 sedan has become the first choice for customers looking forward to buying the first luxury car.
Audi A3 convertible is the first compact luxury convertible in India. its success is another example of our customers --
Central method.
The car was first exhibited at the 2014 Auto Expo and received a warm response from customers and fans, prompting us to introduce this exciting car into our already powerful product line --up in India.
Audi is also a leader in the Indian sports car market.
The fastest Audi in Indiathe Audi R8 -
In addition to Audi RS 7 Sportback, Audi RS 6 Avant and Audi S5 Sportback are still the most popular cars in this field.
Since its launch in 2012, Audi Q3 has been the most successful model in the field, and the new Audi Q3 has enhanced its appeal with a new design and multiple technological innovations.
This is the only car that offers quattro. ®All permanently-
Wheel Drive in its market segments.
New Audi Q3 launched this year
The first LED headlights integrated into the similarly redesigned LED taillights with a dynamic steering indicator.
These intuitive steering signals in two-
From inside to outside, in the direction the driver intends to turn, for a second.
The new Audi Q3 is also equipped with steering-mounted paddlers that allow drivers to enjoy the sporty nature of Audi Drive Select and fast quick
Speed S®Transmission.
Audi also includes the hill descent control feature to improve off-of-the-new Audi q3-The strength of road driving.
It also gets the MMI®The navigation and parking systems, as well as the camera and infotainment systems with rear view mirrors, include the Audi Music interface, 20 gb record player, two sdhc slots, Bluetooth connection and streaming media.
Audi Q7 is coming soon, and it will have many new features, some of which will be the market segment in the first place.
We currently have a lot of capacity, with 14,000 units per year. shift.
In 2014, more than 95% of India\'s total car sales were made locally.
Audi has always been a brand for young people and young people. at-Heart achievement.
The average age of our customers is much younger than the rest of the world.
So it\'s very important that we engage with them for life.
Customer connectivity is important to us, not only to shape the products we bring, but also because we want them to be part of the Audi family for a long time.
Brand loyalty has played a great role.
Our record performance over the years is a direct result of an effective marketing strategy, which makes the company more advantageous than other luxury car brands.
We build our business strength globally using a generic strategy based on the timeless principles of \"Vorsprung durch Technik\", which is also reflected in our marketing strategy.
Our marketing campaign always conveys brand value.
Sports, progressive and complex
Definition of brand.
Audi club India
Exclusive Audi owners community)
It is a unique, first concept in the field of luxury cars and has achieved amazing success with our customers.
We have various connections to sports and fashion activities in India, which also leads to our brand value.
These include the Audi fall series, the Audi quattro Cup and the Audi Football Summit.
Last year, India sold about 32,000 luxury cars a year.
We have a 34% share in the luxury car sector, one of Audi\'s highest market share anywhere in the world.
This means that anyone considering buying a luxury car will consider buying an Audi.
So this is a positive position.
In general, India may not be a big market, but it is a profitable market with good growth momentum.
Of course, we also know that the luxury car market here will continue to grow.
Whether it\'s this year, next year, or five years later, the fact is, it\'s going to grow. w.
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